The world is moving towards a tech direction, and many people now use different applications some of which are new, and they often run into difficulty, one of which is how to delete the TikTok app icon.

TikTok (TT) is a short video-sharing app that allows users to engage in different online activities, including music competitions. It was in August 2018 that it merged with another app simply described as This amalgamation was done by a Chinese film known as ByteDance. had the same features as TikTok, the users were moved to the new app. With over 100 million users enjoying 15-second short video sharing aimed at dancing competitions. When emerged with the TT, all the users’ accounts were moved without any interference.


Since its launch, TT has gained the attention and support of several celebrities across the world. With this support, many fans have shown their interest in the app that their favorite celebrities have been showcasing or advertising. Jimmy Fallon has been noted and celebrated for his tremendous roles in making TT a favorite social media outfit for his numerous fans.

If you are a fan of Jimmy, you will agree with me that the world cannot mention other celebrities without your favorite man. His love and promotion for the app started naturally when he started promoting it among the local people. In November 2018, the owners of the app went into partnership with him, when they saw his influence and how much he had done in the app promotion and education.

In the same year, Jimmy started a “challenges” section in his show, when he used TT as a channel for the challenge and to reach millions of his fans. The challenge was hashtagged #TumbleWeedChallenge, where people who took on the challenge were asked to roll like TumbleWeed and to post the video with the hashtag to contest.

This challenge has been seen as the most vital challenge as of then, as it had about 10.4 million views and around 8,000 entries. This and the challenges were very fascinating as so many people were seen joining the challenge to have fun and to win a token.

Notwithstanding, TT also caught the attention of people in other parts of the world. Japanese people had their own share of the fever and got a celebrity in Japan too. Celebrities like Kinoshita Yukina, Watanabe Naomi, Kyary Pamyu, and others were among the celebrities that joined the TT promotion in Japan. Just like every other app user, they had their own share of the challenge.


Throughout our tech writing career in the US, we have never been this excited to write about an app, like we are right (writing about TT). No doubt, the app has almost everything that modern businesses need to succeed and make a huge turnaround her profit-net.

According to different brands that we interviewed on why they chose TT, the majority of them indicated that TT has enough space to display traditional ads which goes a long way in supporting their business. “Since we started making use of the app for our ads, we have recorded 3 times our usual sales and profit” one of them added.

With the new development, TT has access to two profit-making channels: while they make so much money with different companies that run ads, they get the app more popular by the number of new people that the app reaches out to.

There are countless numbers of companies that made it really big through TT. The size of the app is bigger in the US than in any other country.      




TT has outstanding features which make it one of the most downloaded video-sharing apps today. Even though TT adopted some of the features of, some other added features make it a top-notch and most sought-after. TT allows users to record live and free their daily routines, and upload instantly.

With the short time in creating videos as well as the short time in watching them, TT makes it easier for both content developers and consumers to spend little time while having fun on the go.

Content consumers don’t need to search or navigate the whole app to get the content as the videos play automatically as soon as the app is opened. The videos keep playing after each one making the viewers engage in fun-filled internet usage. Just recently, TT developers added some features that allow users to react to videos with different emotions.

Due to the popularity of TT, different business owners now choose the app as the best option to run a marketing channel. Different brands use content contests and challenges to sell their products or make the company popular and compete well in the market.




Before we dive into how to delete TT, it is imperative to note that when a TT account is deleted, all video content will be whipped out. This indicates that the account owner will not have access to these contents. But, if you have made up your mind on what you want to do, let’s guide you thus;


  1. Open the TT app
  2. Click on the ‘profile button’ found on the bottom-right-hand side
  3. Click on the ‘three dots’ menu found on the top-right-hand side
  4. The next thing is; to click on ‘manage my account
  5. Then ‘delete account’
  6. Click again to confirm your command.


Whether you are in for business or looking for social media app where you can catch much fun, TT is definitely the best option for you. From our review, the app will outrank some other popular apps within the shortest period of time. This conclusion is informed by the fact that TT developers are working so hard to make the app the number one stop for so many online users. Their latest update has features of some functions that other popular apps offer. This indicates that in the nearest future, the app will have almost all that other apps have.

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